Users Connect, Express and Record with Planner S – Social Diary for iOS

Planner S, a social diary application for iOS from Akaon makes its English debut soon. Originally conceived for a Korean language audience, Planner S has proven popular and well-suited to expansion. The application is a full featured calendar and planner, but Planner S goes beyond most scheduling utilities. With fully integrated social networking capabilities through Facebook, Twitter, and its own community, extensive personalization options, and the ability to customize the look and feel of each entry, Planner S embodies a dynamic new way to interact.

Planner S users can customize the appearance of the app on their iOS device, connect with the social networking sites of their choice, or keep their entries entirely private. Planner S has a beautiful interface which offers easy access to starting and customizing new entries at the user’s convenience. Entries can be edited, enhanced, and deleted after being saved. Each entry can be tailored to users’ exact needs, listing reminders, appointments, and tasks. Users can choose from a variety of visually appealing fonts, from sophisticated typeface to casual and cute handwriting options. Furthermore, entries can be accessorized individually with free and paid skins and virtual stickers from the in-app Planner S shop, tagged with users’ moods, and feature attached photos.

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